Today, you will be taking a survey regarding selecting limo service for your trip to the airport.

You will be seeing different screens of situations regarding features of limo service.

You will be seeing different combinations of descriptions on each screen. Although they may seem similar, each screen combination is unique.

You will be asked two questions for each screen description of combinations:

1) How likely are you to use this limo service for your trip to the airport?
1 = Not likely at all 9 = Very likely

2) Based on this screen ALONE... How do you think you will feel at the end of the journey?
1 = Savvy 2 = Comfortable 3 = Relaxed 4 = Pampered 5 = Satisfied

You will be asked the SAME 2 questions for each screen. Please rate each screen combination as a single unit.

It will take you 10 15 minutes to complete the study
You can track your progress on the top right of each screen.

Thank you for your participation in this important survey.

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