Welcome to the Social Media Listening Study

This study concerns your views about companies, brands or market researchers "listening" to "conversations" on social media sites. It should take 15-20 minutes. Listening research collects and analyzes online conversations - posts, comments, tweets, updates, reviews, ratings and tags, and sometimes personal information from social media sites (blogs, forums, Twitter, YouTube, facebook, etc). Listening aims to understand consumer preferences, feelings, opinions and behaviors. 

Your participation will contribute to industry discussion and debate about listening research practices. You can request a copy of the results, which will be made available in about 30 days.


The study will present you with a group of 3-4 statements called a "vignette." You will be asked to rate each vignette on two questions:

1. How concerned are you that researchers LISTEN to conversations under these conditions? (1=Not Concerned ... 9=Very Concerned) 
2. How ETHICAL are these conditions? (1=Very Ethical ... 9=Very Unethical)

After rating the two questions, another vignette will appear. Keep rating until you complete the entire set. When a statement mentions “posts, comments or updates,” take that to mean any type of online writing, including tweets, reviews, and tags.

Some of the statements will seem to go together, and some may be contradictory. You are rating the group as a whole, so go with your gut feeling. It is normal for some people to feel a little tension at times. If you do, don't worry about it. Just rate the vignette and move on.

After completing the vignettes, you will be asked some demographic and attitudinal questions for classification purposes. These will not be used to identify you in any way, and your answers are confidential.