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There are many sources of potential respondents on the Internet, including professionally managed online panels, opt-in databases, client-provided email address lists, and Web sites. Which source to use depends largely on the specifics of the desired sample.

MJI was chosen to be amongst a select group of AOL-DMS partners

AOL DMS Research (Opinion Place)

Founded in 1995, DMS is known for creating Opinion Place, the broadest online sampling capability that intercepts online users and turns them into survey respondents in real-time. Working with leading research companies, DMS has executed over 10MM online interviews for both traditional research and online research needs. For the highest quality online sample, contact DMS and experience Opinion Place!

Contact Information:
Shelly Bracken
Tel: (214) 222-6121
Email: dmsBracken@aol.com
Web Site: www.dmsdallas.com/ideamapnet/


If the sample calls for a general population of Internet users, both general population email lists and online respondent panels can deliver respondents to the survey at a reasonable cost.

If the desired sample is low incidence, a more targeted approach may be called for. Potential sources of respondents for low incidence studies include special interest online panels, special interest email lists, and Web sites whose visitors match the profile of the desired sample.

Online panels offer the benefit of committed respondents and high response rates, and often allow for more demographic selections than most email lists. However, panels can be expensive to access, whereas general population email lists can be relatively economical as long as people respond in sufficient numbers.

The following companies can help you meet your sampling needs:

Luth Research
Contact Information:
Tel: (619) 234-5888
Email: info@luthresearch.com
Web Site: www.luthresearch.com

Open Venue
Contact Information:
John Visser
VP Marketing & Client Services
Tel: (416) 599-7770 Ext: 227
Email: jvisser@openvenue.com
Web Site: www.openvenue.com

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