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The Understanding & Insight Group

The Understanding and Insight Group(sm) is a business development and strategy services company directed at providing business data, gathering business data, synthesizing business data, and educating others how to systematically acquire, use, and combine and maximize the value of their data. We have a proprietary system for utilizing and managing the information. That system is called "Getting It" (sm).

Our work is especially valuable in the front end - or early stages of projects. We specialize in doing our data gathering "in - context" - that means where things are happening for the consumer - so in the store, in the home, in the car. We say that "the world is our laboratory" (sm). The IdeaMap®.Net tool is valuable to us because it allows us to understand more about the unexpressed needs and thoughts of the consumer so that we can understand more completely what they want and don't want over the Web.

Contact Information:
Jacqueline H. Beckley
The Understanding & Insight Group.
3 Rosewood Lane, Suite 103
Denville, NJ 07834
T (973) 328 9107
F (973) 328 9108
E jackie@theuandigroup.com

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