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IdeaMap Software Suite: For Product Creation, Messaging & Positioning

Capturing Consumer Preferences with Bull`s-Eye Accuracy

What IdeaMap®.Net Delivers to You

IdeaMap®.Net reveals the inside of a customer's mind through MJI's own expanded version of conjoint measurement. You can work with up to 36 elements (and more power coming with subsequent releases of IdeaMap®.Net). Each respondent rates different combinations of concept elements (so you don't have to worry about order bias).

IdeaMap®.Net - Accelerate Your Development Through Art & Science

IdeaMap®.Net is an on-line "do it yourself" research guidance system that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to identify the hot buttons of a consumer’s mind. Specifically, IdeaMap®.Net methodology uses experimental design to determine the impact of various ideas in a test concept. IdeaMap®.Net refines the use of conjoint measurement to the point where it can be used in the form of a rapid 'transaction' lasting a few hours or days, rather than lasting weeks. And most importantly, IdeaMap®.Net is affordable for even the smallest projects. It is user friendly (learn how to set it up and run it in a few minutes), does not require any programming ability, and produces easy to read results that will delight marketers, engineers, product developers, and any individuals who need to understand the consumer's mind. Specifically, IdeaMap®.Net provides you cost effective answers in hours or a few days to these questions that underlie your development program:

  • What physical attributes your product or service should have
  • What to say to trigger trial purchase and take-up
  • What words, phrases, and images create a clear and powerful position
  • What set of offers or services maximize consumer response
  • How to position against key competitors and your own products

A fast, flexible path to better results - here and now

Based on the highly-advanced technology and methods of experimental design developed by Dr. Howard Moskowitz, founder and president of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc., one of the world's leading scientists in experimental psychology. IdeaMap® combines psychology, statistics and computer technology in a revolutionary approach to market research. IdeaMap® lets you draw responses directly from consumers in an interactive, real-world setting of words, graphics and even video clips. IdeaMap® uses powerful, proprietary analytical and segmentation m ethodologies to learn, straight from your consumers, where their "hot buttons" are and how to press those buttons most effectively.
This patented technology has been implemented based on highly scalable architecture.

Meet your real customer. And be pleasantly surprised.

During the interview, each consumer assesses many dozens of concepts, each concept comprising a different combination of elements. IdeaMap® rapidly ranks the contribution of different elements to the concept's persuasiveness until the optimal combination appears. Based on stimulus response - how people respond, not what they say - attitudinal segmentation goes beyond the often-ineffective division of people into demographic or lifestyle groups. Attitudinal segments reveal to you the category as it really is, not as it is thought to be. IdeaMap® uncovers powerful new segments in your category which will open up new business opportunities.

Put the formidable power of IdeaMap® to your advantage

With IdeaMap®'s help, you can know your consumers, as individuals and as a group, better than you ever thought possible. Even more importantly, you can master the rules by which your category operates. By the time you're done with an IdeaMap® session, you understand - from genuine data, not guesswork - what turns your customer on...or off. We invite you to discover for yourself what a difference IdeaMap® could make in your search for the "Big Idea" in your business. Contact us today for an IdeaMap® demonstration.