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Howard Moskowitz, Ph.D. Dr. Moskowitz is president and CEO of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc., a firm he founded in 1981. Dr. Moskowitz is both a well-known experimental psychologist in the field of psychophysics (the study of perception and its relation to physical stimuli), and an inventor of world-class market research technology. Among his important contributions to market research is his 1975 introduction of psychophysical scaling and product optimization for consumer product development. Whereas these methods are standard and well accepted today, they required a massive culture change in the 1975 business community. In the 1980's his contributions in sensory analysis were extended to health and beauty aids. more...

Arlene Gandler, B.A. Ms. Gandler, Managing Director, has 30 years experience in marketing research in the USA, Canada and England. She was with M&M® Mars for 13 years, first as Market Research Manager, and later as Senior Brands Manager for Uncle Ben's® Rice, during which a four year period's UBR's $ volume doubled.

Alex Gofman, MSc/ABD. is vice president of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. He has been leading innovative market research and consulting for many Fortune 500 clients as well as the development of new methodologies and applications since he joined the company in 1992. Alex is well known as a co-inventor of world-class marketing and market research methodologies as well as for his work in cross-science development in experimental psychology in the field of psychophysics and computer science. He is also known as the architect of the award-wining Ideamap® family of products (Ideamap®, Ideamap®.NET, Stylemap®.NET, Videomap, Ideamap Wizard, etc.) as well as globally recognized brands as DesignLab®, ProductEngineer®, Concept Optimizer® and other MJI technologies, which were positively reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Research Magazine, Quirk's Marketing Research Review, etc. and used or licensed by many global corporations. more...

Bert Krieger, MBA. Executive Vice President, Chief Research Officer, Mr. Krieger brings a broad range of experience to his position based on his past employment at leading package goods manufacturers and research suppliers. For the past 20 years, he has been employed at Moskowitz Jacobs. His principal responsibilities are in the areas of client service, project consultation and study design.
Mr. Krieger is highly experienced in terms of concept, package and product optimization. He has a BS from Northeastern and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

Madhu Manchaiah, Mr. Manchaiah is Software Development Manager with ten years of experience in product development and project management. He has been managing product design, software architecture and IT operations since he joined the company in 1997. He was previously with Eastman Kodak Software and Sigma Imaging Technology, maker of leading document work flow system.

Zhenyu Ma, MSEE. Mr. Zhenyu Ma, Senior Systems Analyst, has MSEE degree from Northeastern University and total of more than 7 years of advanced work experience in UNIX and Windows environments.

Donna Lashower, CPA. Ms. Lashower, VP Finance, has been previously with Deloitte Touche, and with Revlon.