Unlock the POTENTIAL of new or existing products and communications


"Harnessing Consumer Insights-Driving Business Decisions"

In 1981, Dr. Howard R. Moskowitz, CEO of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. (MJI), created a program which captured consumer interest levels for any product, program or positioning statement across any industry and turned those responses into sophisticated models. The program mixed and matched many different concepts and ideas about the product and measured the consumer`s response.

What resulted was a pin-point accurate, decision-making tool which could identify an individual`s likelihood of embracing a product based on their reactions to different concepts. This model became the first IdeaMap program from MJI, which remains the Company`s most popular product to this day.

More than two decades later, the Company`s full suite of products has grown to accommodate any language across a broad range of research needs in marketing, product, advertising and strategy:

  • from highly customized programming with dedicated consulting support for more complex product creation and re-launch needs,
  • to rapid deployment, flexible, self-authored web-based studies which handle a wider range of product, messaging, positioning and graphics testing.

The power of our products also provides a proprietary Optimizer simulator, which identifies the best product / communication construct for pre-defined consumer segments as well as for behavioral and attitudinal clusters which emerge as a result of the compiled survey responses.

Whether through highly customized programs or self-authored web-based quantitative surveys, clients are fully empowered to identify major new opportunities and can exploit the opening rapidly, while the opportunity in the marketplace is still viable.

Our award winning decision-based products have been used by many of the Fortune 500 corporations as well as by small to medium sized enterprises to assist with the launch of some of the most recognized products and brands worldwide (Our Client List). There is no more powerful or actionable tool in the global marketplace.