Welcome to the Catalogue demo!
In this demo, we are going to figure out the optimal catalogue cover for different groups of people. Once the data is collected, we will know EXACTLY what catalogue cover will make people want to order from that catalogue for each group.
In this study, there will be 6 areas of the catalogue cover changing. In some instances, only 5 areas will appear. These are:
1) The product shipping incentive (located in the top right corner)
2) The main product offering (located below the headline)
3) The 1st product offering (located below the main product offering)
4) The 2nd product offering (located below the 1st product offering)
5) The 3rd product offering (located below the 2nd product offering)
6) The free gift incentive (located on the right)
The following rating question will be asked for each unique catalogue cover seen. You will be using a 1-9 rating scale:
How interested would you be in looking through a catalog with these offers?
1 = Not at all interested... 9 = Very interested

Below is an example of how the process works and what you might see: